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the silence is deafening

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i hate my life and i want to die [Apr. 28th, 2005|07:00 pm]
the silence is deafening
well i got back from the audition if you want to call it that i choked and sucked real bad what a surprize..yeah idk even know why i bothered going. but w.e
so i havent seen amber in an increidbly long time. since like 2 sundays ago.
i get to see her tomorrow
the way things are going for me i wouldnt be surprized if she left me too.besides her everything sucks
im most likely not moving which i cant stand the thought of liveing here anymore.
i screwed up at the audition and realized i suck at guitar
havent seen amber..i miss her so much
if i wasnt seeing her tomorrow id probally kill myself out of fucking just feeling like complete crap.`~~~~theres my rant about omg my life sucks~~

I Love You So Much
You Mean Everything To Me
Id be nothing without you
Your the greatest person ive ever met
I cant Imagine Being Without you

4 Months in 3 Days
its been the best 4 months ever it can only get better