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the silence is deafening

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the usual stealing sumthing from amber out of boredom.. [Apr. 23rd, 2005|06:56 pm]
the silence is deafening
have u ever:
[x] laughed for more than 5 minutes over something stupid
[x] cried over someone
[x] gotten rejected by the one u love
[x] had a crush on a celeb
[] sang along with a spice girl song in the past 2 years
[] kissed someone and regreted it
[] told someone u loved them even tho u didnt
[] used someone
[x] lied to someone
[] killed someone
[x] thought of killing someone
[x] gotten jealous
[] hurt someone emotionally
[x] made someone laugh when they were crying
[x] made someone cry
[x] thought about what a girl or boy looked like naked
[] thought about a fat person naked
[] flashed a passing car
[] flashed the person sitting next to u
[] licked someone on a bus, subway or any other form of public transportation
[] had sex
[}talked about having sex
[maybeee haha] had a dream about having sex
[] lied about (not) having sex
[x] wondered what really happens when u are sleeping
[] wanted to eat something when u were depressed
[] forgoten your best friends birthday
[] gotten a surprise party
[] made the person u truely want to be with think u hate them
[] cried in school because u thought that people hate u and make fun of u
[x] wished u were famous
[] been to a funneral for someone u didnt know
[x] asked a random question during a "serious" conversation
[x] lost a friend