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the silence is deafening

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my stomach talks a mile a minute [May. 1st, 2005|05:00 pm]
the silence is deafening
yeah this weekend was awesome. saw amber thru all of it which was the awesome part. yesterday was the show which was ok i kind of liked cru jones and some of forever eldorado but then today amber came over because today is 4 Months!. so we hung out and stuff watch jackass the movie and sum bubbleboy. then she had to leave...:-(...but ill see her friday !!!!. i cant wait..well thats all

I Love You So Much Amber!
I Dont Ever Want To Lose You!
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woop [Apr. 30th, 2005|09:00 am]
the silence is deafening
well yesterday was there first fun day in a while i saw amber<3 which was the cool part and it was her bday !!!! anyways today im going to the cologne show with amber and i guess alot of other people loll
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i hate my life and i want to die [Apr. 28th, 2005|07:00 pm]
the silence is deafening
well i got back from the audition if you want to call it that i choked and sucked real bad what a surprize..yeah idk even know why i bothered going. but w.e
so i havent seen amber in an increidbly long time. since like 2 sundays ago.
i get to see her tomorrow
the way things are going for me i wouldnt be surprized if she left me too.besides her everything sucks
im most likely not moving which i cant stand the thought of liveing here anymore.
i screwed up at the audition and realized i suck at guitar
havent seen amber..i miss her so much
if i wasnt seeing her tomorrow id probally kill myself out of fucking just feeling like complete crap.`~~~~theres my rant about omg my life sucks~~

I Love You So Much
You Mean Everything To Me
Id be nothing without you
Your the greatest person ive ever met
I cant Imagine Being Without you

4 Months in 3 Days
its been the best 4 months ever it can only get better
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wtf. [Apr. 26th, 2005|06:29 pm]
the silence is deafening
well the past 5 or 6 days have sucked really bad. ive been incredibly bored and nothing but crap has happened i miss amber so much im going crazy not seeing her. :-(.plus yeah i found out im probally not moving now..that was to good to be true..i shouldnt have beilved it when they told me. well anyway thursday i go for the hmdb audition which is cool hopefully i get it..probally wont tho knowing my luck..

loveyou amber<33 i cant wait till friday when i get to see youu
sundays 4 months!!!
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the usual stealing sumthing from amber out of boredom.. [Apr. 23rd, 2005|06:56 pm]
the silence is deafening
have u ever:
[x] laughed for more than 5 minutes over something stupid
[x] cried over someone
[x] gotten rejected by the one u love
[x] had a crush on a celeb
[] sang along with a spice girl song in the past 2 years
[] kissed someone and regreted it
[] told someone u loved them even tho u didnt
[] used someone
[x] lied to someone
[] killed someone
[x] thought of killing someone
[x] gotten jealous
[] hurt someone emotionally
[x] made someone laugh when they were crying
[x] made someone cry
[x] thought about what a girl or boy looked like naked
[] thought about a fat person naked
[] flashed a passing car
[] flashed the person sitting next to u
[] licked someone on a bus, subway or any other form of public transportation
[] had sex
[}talked about having sex
[maybeee haha] had a dream about having sex
[] lied about (not) having sex
[x] wondered what really happens when u are sleeping
[] wanted to eat something when u were depressed
[] forgoten your best friends birthday
[] gotten a surprise party
[] made the person u truely want to be with think u hate them
[] cried in school because u thought that people hate u and make fun of u
[x] wished u were famous
[] been to a funneral for someone u didnt know
[x] asked a random question during a "serious" conversation
[x] lost a friend
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gGREAT [Apr. 23rd, 2005|06:16 pm]
the silence is deafening
well yesterday i was really bored and stuff..at like 9 i went to mikes house..slept over that was cool woke up today talked to amber and stuff hopefully i can see her tomorrow. or else this weekend is hell
uh..idk what else to put so..
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IM GOING CRAZY!!! [Apr. 21st, 2005|05:26 pm]
the silence is deafening
this weeks been realll boreing..lol ahhhhh im not gunna see amber this weekend..:-( that sucks..i miss her allooott..well next weeks her bday so i should see her then :-)..i think i might go to mikes or sumthing this weekend idk.?..found out im moveing to timberglen its behind hamilton mall so i guess im going to oakcrest next year thats cool..well laterr

4 months in ten days !!!!!!!!!
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the usuall stolen quiz.. [Apr. 18th, 2005|09:58 pm]
the silence is deafening
Name: Justin
Nickname(s): "just in time"
Age: 14.. 15 in september
Birthday: sept 1st
Birthplace: galloway
Height: 5'6
Weight: 130
Body type: average?
Favorite body part:idk
Least favorite body part: idk
Hair color: brown
Hair type: um..sumwhat long.
Eye color: pretty
Nationality: who cares
Zodiac sign: virgo
Grade: 9
Piercings: none
Glasses/contacts: contacts
Hobbies: Guitar
Food: idk tasty food
Animal: monkeys
Drink: soda
Sport: i like watchign football
Season: Summer
Month:any that arent in school
Game: idk
T.V. show: viva la bam and sum others
Movie: Mall ratts
Music: everything but sum rap and all country
Number: 21
Singer: deron miller
Band: underoath/cky
Song: disengage the simulator
CD: there only chaseing safety
Book: not sure
Magazine: guitar world
Person: Amber
Candy: idk
Restaurant: idk
Flower: rose
Scent: old spice
Cereal: coco puffs
Cartoon:South Park
Website: Myspace/ ultimate-guitar
Salad dressing: no..
Fruit: apple
Radio station:none
Actor: johnny depp
Actress: elisha cuthbert
Holiday: christmas
Gum: orbit -thanks amber lol-
Phrase: "second base"
~*~This or That~*~
Black/White: Black
Day/Night: Night
Sun/Moon: Moon
Pepsi/Coke: coke
Dog/Cat: cat
Book/Magazine: magazine
Blue/Green: blue
Blink182/Green Day: Green Day
Movies/T.V.: both
Ocean/Pool: pool
Plane/Car: plane
Bus/Train: train
Sing/Dance: i suck at both
Wet/Dry: ..
Mcdonalds/Burger King:both
Burger/Hotdog: dog
Pen/Pencil: pen
Music/Art:Music is art...
Inside/Outside: depends
Summer/Winter: summer
Democrat/Republican: idk.
Kiss/Hug: both are good
God: sometimes
Heaven: ill find out
Hell: ^^^
Satan: idk.
Magic: possibly
Ghosts: no
Aliens: yeah
Luck: depends
Miracles: yeah
Karma: i think nice people deserve nice things
Faith: ,,
Santa: no
Easter Bunny:no
Paranormal: idk
Love: yeah its reall good
Angels: no
Reincarnation: no
~*~Your Stand On~*~
War: pointless
Abortion: depends
Government: dumb
Religion: agnostic
Politics: dsjfh
Gay marriage: not infront of me
Drunk drivers: hate it
Death penalty: idk
Prostitution: clean up
Alcohol: against
Drugs: hate them
Cloning: cool
Premarital sex: if your ready then go for it
Downloading music: cool
President Bush: who knows
Porn: cool
Homsexuals: they like a different kind of porn...
Suicide: if you feel the need...
Murder: depends who it is..
~*~Do You~*~
Smoke: no
Drink: no
Drive: no
Sing Well: no
Dance: no
Go to church: no
Pray: no
Cuss: yeah
Talk to yourself: in my head
Play an instrument: yeah
Want to get married: eventually
Want to have kids: eventually a girl
Have a job: summer
Want to go to college: no
Play a sport: no
Go to school: yeah
Exercise: yeah i guess
Have any special talents: not special
Believe in yourself: not at all
~*~Have You Ever~*~
Done drugs: yeah
Got arrested: yeah..
Broken a law: ^
Got into a car accident:yeah
Wished on a shooting star: yeah
Broke a bone: no
Stole something: yeah
Snuck out of the house: sort of
Had a surgery:no
Been in a fist fight: not really no
Swore at your parents: yea
Been to the hospital: yeah
Been on a plane:yeah
Cried in public:no
Met a celebrity(if so who?) a few
Been on a train: yeah
Skipped school: no
Passed out:no
Been to a foreign country: yeah
Told a secret you swore you never tell: no
Been on T.V.: yeah a local news thing
Felt like you don't belong: yeah..
Best friend: Amber Mike. Myke..im comfortable with the most.
Funniest: there all funny
Loudest: Tegan
Kindest: Amber
Shyest: Amber
Outgoing: Mike.
Annoying: idk
Craziest: Myke
Blondest: no blonde friends..
Most talented: Myke. at guitar
Best Singer: mike
Dramatic: tegan
Trustworthy: Amber
Dependable: Myke
Who have you known the longest: Myke
Who is the best person for advice: Myke
Do you have any gay/lesbian friends: not that i know of
Who knows the most about you: Amber
What's an inside joke between you and a friend: theres a lot
Who do you always fight with: none
Who do you miss being close to: hm..
Have you ever had a crush on a friend: a girl one..
Who do you live with: my mom
What are your siblings names and how old are they: chris
r your parents divorced: yeah
Do you have any step parents: yeah
Do you have any stepbrothers/sisters: yeah
Do you have any pets: 2 cats and a dog
Who is your favorite relative Cousins : idk
Who is your least favorite relative: idk..
Do you spend a lot of time with your family: yeah. i think
Can you talk to your parents: depends
What is one thing you would change about your family: over protective and strict..
~*~Love & Relationships~*~
Are you in a relationship: yes
Is so with who and for how long: Amber..4 months soon
If you're single to you have a crush:
Do you believe in love at first sight: no
What is more important;looks or personality: personality
When do you think the right time to say I love you: when you now its true..
Are eyes the passageway to the soul: idk but there nice to look at
What is the sweetest thing your partner has done for you: idk
Have you ever been in love: i am
Do you think there is someone for everyone: yeah
Do you believe in soulmates: i guess
How long was your longest relationship: current
Have you ever liked somebody only to find that they don't feel the same: eh..
Have yo ever had your heart broken:yea.
~*~What Are~*~
Your fears: looseing amber..getting cut.or sliced.
Your dreams: amber..friends or just random things
Your goals: be the best i can at guitar...
Your hopes: to be with amber for a really long time...to be in a succesful band
Your greatest accomplishments: idk..
Your feelings: ?..
You most afraid of: i just said it was of looseing amberrrrr
Your fondest childhood memories: hmmm
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yay [Apr. 17th, 2005|06:35 pm]
the silence is deafening
hmm....yesterday i went to the mall with amber we hung out with myke and ambers friends amy and britney? i think her name was.. anyway that was cool tegan and karina and pam were there too..um....today i went to ambers which was cool but now i feel sick which sucks and i have to go this whole week with out seeing amber...:-(....

i loveyouamberrrr

random quiz i took from her

Boyfriend/girlfriend: Amber

2. Crush: Amber

3. Do you love anyone right now: Amber<3

4. Have you ever been in love: i am

5. Ever had sex: nah

6. How many hearts have you broken: i dont think any

7. How many people have broken your heart: 1

8. So what's your significant other like: shes perfect

9. Do you go more by looks or personality: both

1o. Ever kiss a friend: idk

11. Are you still friends: nope...we hate eachother

12. How about weed: no

13. Acid: no

14. Ecstasy:no

15. Crack, heroin, anything else: no

16. Are you a sissy who drinks Mike's hard lemonade and wine
coolers: no..

17. Prefer beer or liquor: no..

18. last time you got some: got some?? what

19. Bungee jump: i would

2o. Skydive: i would

21. Swim with dolphins: that be cool

22. Scuba dive:idk
24. Change your religion: dont have one..
25. Turn your back on your friends for personal gain: i dont think i would..

26. Steal a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend: no thats fucking horrible.
27. Lie to the police: hahahahah

28. Run from the police: no

29. Speed away from the police: who knows

3o. Walk up to a total stranger and kiss them: no

31. Be an exotic dancer: hell yeah

32. Streak: no


33. Best friend: amber i suppose
34. Known the longest: Myke

35. Wish you talked to more than you do: idk

36. How many friends do you think you have: 5 or 6

38. Who drives you insane: people

39. Ever lose a good friend because you took it to the next
level: no


40. Flashed someone: no

41. Told the person you liked how you felt: yeah it sucked
42. Gotten really REALLY wasted: no

43. Skateboarded: no

44. Skinny dipped: negative

45. Stolen anything from a store: yeah

46. Kissed someone of the same sex: yeah
47. Been to a concert: yeah

48. Been to another country: yeah

49. Talked back to an adult: yeah

5o. Given money to some homeless person: no
51. Tried to kill yourself: who hasnt..

52. Cried to get out of trouble: yeah

53. Kissed a friend's brother/sister: no
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bhahwhs [Apr. 15th, 2005|11:32 pm]
the silence is deafening
well...just got back from tegans bday party it was cool i got there around 430 and there was a few people there i didnt reallly know so i was pretty quiet then pam came i talked to her and stuff then AMBEr showed upp and i was happy i felt like i hadnt seen her in forever..so we hung out then tegan and everyone went downtstaires me and amber hung upstairs that was cool..yeah so im not sure whats going on tomorrow..i guess ill find out..lol

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